The writer, presenter and professional poker player on taking part in Taskmaster, her pub quiz dilemma and a life surrounded by comedians

Victoria Coren Mitchell was born and went to school in Hammersmith, west London. She is the younger sister of the restaurant critic Giles Coren. After studying English at Oxford University, she became a writer, presenter and professional poker player. She hosts BBC Two quiz Only Connect and is competing in the current series of Channel 4’s Taskmaster. She is married to the comedian David Mitchell, with whom she has a six-year-old daughter.

Taskmaster is much more demanding than your average panel show. What persuaded you to take part?
Do you think so? I wouldn’t say that at all. On most panel shows, you have to think of jokes. Here, you only have to do physical things, like make an omelette with garden tools or teach an oyster to speak. Massively easier. I agreed to take part because I like playing games and it looked fun.

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