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Fiona Watson plays a GP who is drawn, at retirement, into an immersive game that threatens to swallow her up

Odds On is an exemplar of the way online theatre has developed in the past few years. Dante Or Die’s interactive production is both for and about the virtual world, with a focus on its addictions, using the techniques of film and the aesthetics of gaming.

Written and directed by Daphna Attias and Terry O’Donovan, it feels gimmicky at first: we choose a user name and avatar before clicking to spin the reels in a computer game. It is a significant way to enter the story of Felicity (Fiona Watson), a retiring GP who becomes slowly dependent on an online gambling game. We see her in her final days at the office followed by a new life at home, looking after her baby grandson, Noah (Oshy Fuller), while her son (Elan James) and daughter (Bianca Stephens) bustle in the background or dial in for Zoom calls.

Available online

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